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    ‘Tis the season for special get-togethers and celebrations, and that usually includes houseguests. Like most homeowners, you’ll be busy dusting off the fine china and prepping your home to welcome them – and part of that prepping should include ensuring that your home appliances are in working order by cleaning them and doing basic maintenance.

    Much like your vehicle needs regular tune-ups, your home appliances require regular maintenance. Appliance meltdowns are never convenient, but when they occur during the holiday season, they are especially disruptive. To keep appliance malfunctions from putting a damper on your holiday cheer, here are some simple appliance maintenance tasks to perform before your home fills with family and friends.

    1. Oven

    Making delicious baked goods and cooking elaborate dinners for holiday feasts can take a toll on your oven. To keep the appliance in tip-top shape for the holidays, now is a good time to check how accurate your oven’s temperature is to avoid last-minute baking disasters. This can easily be done with a thermometer from your local home goods store or hardware store. All you need to do is set your oven’s temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, place the thermometer in your oven and set the timer for 30 minutes. When the time is up, if the temperature on the thermometer does not match the temperature you set, use your owner’s manual to calibrate it.

    2. Refrigerator

    It is never pleasant to wake up the morning of a holiday party and discover your refrigerator is malfunctioning. By taking a few minutes to clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils, you can avoid unwelcome surprises (like your refrigerator running too hot or burning out) during a holiday party. To do this, locate your appliance’s condenser, which is either at the back of your refrigerator or under the bottom of your fridge. Use a vacuum wand to remove any dust that may have settled on the coils.

    3. Washing Machine

    A flooded home is no fun when you’re juggling houseguests. Replacing your washing machine’s hoses can prevent emergencies such as a cracked hose that leaks or floods when it busts. Most appliance repair experts suggest examining washer hoses every few months and changing them every three years. If you haven’t inspected or replaced your hoses recently, take the time to do so a week or two before your holiday guests arrive.

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