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    Your air conditioner system, if you’re like most then you probably don’t think much about it until it stops working.  Proper maintenance will improve efficiency, save money on utility bills and prolong the life of the unit. Read on to learn simple ways to maintain your air conditioner.

    1. Clean the Filter

    Filters capture airborne particulates before they enter the HVAC system. A dirty filter impedes airflow and allows dust and other pollutants to enter ducts. These particles are transported to all areas of the system and settle on coils. Dirty coils cause the compressor to work harder, reducing efficiency. Change your air filter every month, or at least every three months. You could also look into purchasing a Germicidal UV Lamp to help.

    2. Maintain Exterior Components

    The condenser component of split air conditioner systems and mini-split ductless units is usually located outside in the yard or on a patio close to the building. Grass, leaves, dust and other debris can blow into the housing and block airflow. Eventually, the cooling capacity of the unit is affected because the coils cannot release heat. Regularly cleaning the housing keeps debris from being sucked inside. Keep a 2-foot area around the condenser free of grass, vegetation, and bushes.

    3. Clean Grilles and Registers

    Clean the intake and return air vents, grilles and registers inside your home or business regularly. Airborne particles like dust, animal dander and hair build up on the registers, gets drawn into the ducts and are eventually deposited on coils. Although homeowners can easily remove and clean grilles, duct cleaning is best left to the professionals.

    Call Energy Air for Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Energy Air offers seasonal tune-ups that examine all elements of an HVAC system. Our Platinum Savings Agreement includes seasonal maintenance, priority scheduling and a 15 percent discount for repairs. Our Orlando and Tampa offices serve the greater central Florida area. Call us at (407) 708-9122 in Orlando or (813) 922-3375 in Tampa to speak to one of our technicians about how we can help keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently throughout the year, or contact us online.
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