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    Ah, Christmas. Hot cocoa and marshmallows. Snow-covered pastures (well, some places, not central Florida). Twinkling lights. Candlelight, hymns, and carol-singing. Christmas has become a season that has taken on many different meanings for different people. Read on to learn five weird facts about the Christmas season, and get into the holiday spirit with quirkiness galore!

    Weird Fact #1. A Pagan Holiday?

    The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated at Christmas, but the truth is, no one actually knows when Jesus was born. Christmas was originally a pagan holiday. Christmas was co-opted from the pagan rites and connected with the winter solstice.

    Weird Fact #2. Mistletoe Kisses

    Smooch! Smooch! Did you know that kissing under the mistletoe wasn’t always flirtatious and romantic? Originally it was connected with fertility rites. The people who stood beneath the springs were available for pro-creating! Ah, romantic back then wasn’t it?

    Weird Fact #3. Christmas Revelry

    Because of its pagan ties, Christmas originally was not the family affair. It was a season of debauchery and drinking for adults only. There often was the tradition of treating one another with alcohol and threatening a “trick” such as destroying someone’s property or even physically hurting that person. A far cry from the holiday it is today!

    Weird Fact #4. Oh Christmas Tree

    It wasn’t until the Victorian Age when those who wanted to free Christmas from its raucous musings, came up with the idea of decorating the Christmas tree. Enter the family-friendly and peaceful tree of twinkling lights and tradition of decorating it together.

    Weird Fact #5. Christmas is the Perfect Time to Call Energy Air!

    If you are a resident of central Florida or the Tampa Bay area, then you know the kind of Christmas weather that can challenge your Christmas plans. A shock of a heatwave and your AC is out. A cold burst and your heat isn’t coming on. That’s why Christmas is the perfect time to call Energy Air to get your HVAC system serviced before it’s too late! Contact our team of experts to schedule today!
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