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    Our Safety Promise

    When you hire an HVAC company to come to your home or business, safety is one of the most important priorities. That’s why, at Energy Air, we have developed a culture around promoting safety. Our zero-injury approach and safety commitment training has garnered us multiple awards in the industry and has helped us achieve our low experience modification rate.

    Ask the Seal

    Ask the Seal

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    Our Corporate Safety Goals

    • Zero Injuries
    • Zero Incidents
    • Decrease Experience Modification Rate to .50
    Energy Air Safety Promise

    Safety Steps

    At Energy Air, we recognize that skipping steps and cutting corners leads to poor results. That’s why we are committed to implementing strict safety standards and practices, as well as promoting a drug-free workplace and extensive OSHA and skill training. Check out our safety steps we enforce below.

    Personal Protective Equipment – We maintain a mandatory policy that all field employees wear long pants, a hard hat, work boots and shirts with 4” sleeves. We require all workers to have safety glasses and gloves on their person at all times for use when needed. Hearing protection and fluorescent vests are also worn when needed or required.

    Pre-Work Risk Assessment – Prior to a job commencing, our operations and project management teams review the project to address possible safety issues. Additional review is done in the field prior to task initiation.

    Tool and Equipment Inspections – Inspections are conducted daily. Damaged tools are immediately tagged and sent back to the shop for repair or disposal.

    Weekly Jobsite Toolbox Talks – Meetings are conducted every Monday morning by the project foreman to reinforce proper safety procedures.

    Jobsite Safety Checklists – Safety Checklists are reviewed the first Monday of every month by the project foreman; this is done by looking at the jobsite as a whole for overall safety/hazard identification.

    Immediate and Accurate Accident Investigation & Reporting – In the event of an incident, an investigation starts with a statement received from the project foreman, injured person and any witnesses.

    Near Miss Reporting – When ‘close-call’ situations occur on-site, a Near Miss form is completed. These are shared with the field team and used for teaching and prevention hazards.

    Innovative Approach to Safety Training

    At Energy Air, we take an innovative approach to safety training. We understand that our employees are our biggest assets, so we emphasize safety training that is educational and rewarding. Check out some of our innovative practices below.

    Safety Committee – Our internal Safety Committee is dedicated to eliminating jobsite incidents and spreading safety awareness. Comprised of both office and field employees with representatives from all departments, the Safety Committee members are selected by department managers on an annual basis.

    The Safety Committee holds monthly meetings to discuss goals, challenges and opportunities. If an accident occurs, interviews are conducted with the employees involved, the company safety policy is reviewed and meeting minutes are issued to the entire company. To further emphasize safety, an on-site ‘Safety Roundup’ event is held annually with demonstrations and training, and quarterly Safety Campaigns are launched internally at the beginning of each quarter focusing on a safety technique implemented to increase awareness and eliminate jobsite injuries.

    Safety Jackpot: When it comes to our employees meeting and exceeding goals, we believe a job well done deserves a reward!

    Safety Newsletter: Communication is key for accomplishing our safety goals. Our regular newsletter was developed specifically to summarize and communicate to the field team what kind of injuries occurred, how they affected the Safety Pays Jackpot and what was being done to correct unsafe conditions. It is our goal to communicate effective safety practices and strategies with the field. The vision of Energy Air is to keep every employee working safely and to be a part of maintaining a safe work environment.

    Innovative Training & Education Programs: To achieve our safety goals, we provide our employees with the expertise, tools and resources they need to reduce risk on every project.

    Safety Training

    • Training and certifications are completed in-house for Aerial, Rough Terrain Forklift, Hilti Power Tools, Scissors/Boom Lift and CPR/First Aid
    • OSHA training in-house, plus a number of OSHA 500 trainers
    • 90 percent of the field team is OSHA certified
    • More than 5,500 hours of safety and skill training completed each year
    • Access to ToolBox Talks
    • Classes taught in both English and Spanish

    If you have any questions about Our Safety Promise, or any of our services, please give us a call today.

    Orlando: (407) 708-9122  |  Tampa: (813) 922-3375

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