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  • AC Trivia Day: 5 Quick Facts About Air Conditioning


    Today is National Trivia Day! Riddle your friends with these five quirky facts about air conditioning:

    Fact #1. AC Once Was a Luxury

    Air conditioning can be expensive at times — but not as expensive as it was in its beginnings. In the 1940s a simple window unit cost about $350 — which with inflation is about $3,500 today. Considering a small window unit had the power to cool one room, having multiple units in a home truly was a luxury that only the most affluent could afford. Could you imagine trying to cool your Florida home with only a single window unit?

    Fact #2. Homes Facing Westward Are Harder to Cool

    Celebrate Trivia Day by noticing the homes around you. Did you know that if a home faces westward, it’s at a greater risk for overheating? This is because of the sun’s direction, especially here in sunny, hot-weathered Central Florida. Combat overheating by planting trees and other landscaping, which have a natural cooling effect. Also making sure your home has proper ventilation

    Fact #3. Public Air Conditioning

    If you’ve ever attended a “summer blockbuster,” then you are part of air conditioning’s history. Movie theaters were the first public places to have air conditioning, and they drew crowds during the summer months for those “summer blockbusters” to get out of the sun and relax with a movie. Do you think there has ever been an idea for a Trivia Day movie?

    Fact #4. Air Conditioning Has Roots in Textiles

    A North Carolina textile manufacturer named Stuart Cramer came up with the name “air conditioning” after he saw how cooling his textile plant produced higher-quality textiles and cloth. An inventor by the name of Willis Carrier, however, is known as the man who brought air conditioning systems to market.

    Fact #5. Energy Air is Committed to Being Your One-Stop Shop for AC Trivia Day and Beyond

    Since 1976, Energy Air has been serving the residents of Central Florida with HVAC and plumbing maintenance. Whether it’s pre-construction planning or a holiday emergency, the Energy Air team is ready to help. When your HVAC system begins acting up, contact us to get it back in working order.
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