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    If you are a new resident in Florida, you may wonder if homeowners in the state have a need for a furnace. Florida is well-known for having abundant sunshine and many wonderfully warm weather days, and a furnace may seem to be unnecessary most of the year. When you are trying to decide whether to replace an aging system or to install a brand new system for the first time, here are a few things to consider.

    Florida Still Gets Chilly

    A furnace is simply not needed if there are minimal cold weather days where you live. Florida is a rather large state, and the northern areas can be much colder than the areas in the south. Nonetheless, all of the areas in the state may be subject to cold and even freezing weather conditions from time to time. Your own comfort level as well as the average number of cold weather days in your area should be considered before you make this decision.

    Alternative Sources of Heat

    Because there are at least a few cold weather days in almost every area of Florida each year, it is important to consider the alternative sources of heat available as well as their costs and how long you may need to use them. For example, you may use a space heater instead of a furnace. This will provide you with a limited source of heat for one area of your home, and they generally use a lot more energy than a furnace does. If you have a large home, if multiple people live in the home, or if there will be more than a few days of cold weather each year, this may not be affordable or practical. While everyone’s needs are different, most homeowners will benefit from a forced-air central HVAC system, a heat pump, or a ductless system—so be sure to consider all of your options.

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    The Benefits of a Furnace

    A furnace has a more expensive up-front cost than a space heater, but there are benefits associated with this. For example, it will add value to the home and increase desirability when you sell the property. It provides you with a steady source of reliable heat throughout the home, and it is more energy efficient than a space heater.

    The decision about whether to purchase a furnace or not is an individual one that you will need to make. You can request an estimate for the installation of a new heater from Energy Air. Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment online.
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