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    Living in Florida, it isn’t often that our heaters are used — but as soon as a cold front comes through, many of us are quick to turn the heat on. But when your heat pump or furnace starts emitting a burning smell, what do you do? Fortunately, this is a common occurrence Floridians are faced with since most heaters are only turned on a few times a year. With little use, dust and debris can build up in the air ducts, which then burns off once the heat pump is turned on. Although this smell should dissipate within a few minutes, if it doesn’t, it could be a sign of a more serious risk. Read on to learn other factors that can also cause a burning odor that poses a much more serious threat.

    1. Closed AC Vents

    When hot air is trapped within closed vents you will begin smelling it shortly after the heat has been turned on. If vents are closed around the house then the warm air has no way of escaping, which could lead to serious problems for your HVAC system. Before you turn on the heat, take a look around the house to make sure all the vents are open to ensure proper airflow in your home.

    2. Clogged Filter

    Changing out your air filter is especially important before the cool months hit. A dirty air filter causes your heat pump’s motor to overwork itself which can lead to a burning smell. If your heating motor keeps running with a dirty filter it could eventually cause it to give out.

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    3. Damaged Furnace

    It is possible for the burning smell to be coming from a damaged furnace. If your system’s motor is old or has not received routine preventive AC maintenance then the burning odor could be the result of an electrical problem. If this is the case, a professional HVAC technician should be contacted as soon as possible to troubleshoot the problem.

    HVAC Service in Central Florida

    Scheduling a service for your HVAC system before the cool months come will help prevent a burning scent from filling your home. This can also ensure that your air conditioner is not in danger of catching fire from electrical problems. Contact Energy Air for all your AC needs today.

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