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    According to reports by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, today’s average citizen spends an estimated 90 percent of time indoors. Although Central Florida provides a rich variety of outdoor activities, it is still wise to pay attention to issues such as indoor air pollution. A single contaminating source such as laundry detergent might not seem all that harmful on its own. However, the combined effects of many contaminants could create an adverse environment, especially for those who deal with breathing issues such as asthma or COPD. Ventilation is a helpful approach to improving indoor air quality levels.

    How to Ventilate Your Home

    Ventilation is simply the movement of fresh air into a space. You could accomplish this by opening a window or door, but this is often impractical because of the operation of heating or cooling equipment. Ventilation can also occur through leaks in the home. However, modern construction tends to focus on high levels of energy efficiency, which minimizes leaks through sealing methods. A ventilator can provide a solution for bringing fresh air in and ensuring that pollutants aren’t able to become overly concentrated.

    Energy Management and Ventilation

    Energy recovery ventilators are designed to conserve energy while exchanging stale indoor air with fresh air from outside. The air exchange carries both supplies through a common unit, at which point heating or cooling energy can transfer from one supply to the other. An ERV also includes a paper core that absorbs moisture from the humid air coming into the home, which allows the inside environment to maintain a more stable humidity level.

    Additional Indoor Air Quality Considerations

    Ventilation is an effective solution for dealing with gaseous pollutants, but solid materials can also provoke breathing issues and allergic reactions. Consistent monitoring and changing of your air filter is essential. Additionally, you should invest in seasonal HVAC maintenance for cleaning your air handler and inspecting system parts. You may also want to think about intensive filtration with an air purifier.

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