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    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring – not even your HVAC system. Have you been wondering what you can do to quiet your noisy HVAC system? If so, then look no further than our quick guide of tips for getting a quiet HVAC system. Take a page out of Old Saint Nick’s book and remember: preparation is key.

    Tip #1. New Construction

    If you are building a new home, then plan your HVAC layout with the help of professionals. You want to make sure your HVAC system is installed in an appropriate place in your home to minimize noise. You also want to make sure your air ducts are not too small for the flow of the air, as this routinely causes noise issues due to air being pushed through the ducts at a high velocity. Again, consult with a professional to determine the right location and size of your ducts.

    Tip #2. Blower Motor

    HVAC systems that have a brushless D/C variable speed motor are going to be much quieter than an A/C blower motor. When both of these motors run at the same RPM, the brushless D/C variable speed motor routinely is quieter. This is because the brushless D/C variable speed motor has a series of permanent magnets that do not need to be charged like those in the A/C blower motor. So the brushless D/C variable speed motor can start and speed up as it goes, creating less noise.

    Tip #3. Let Energy Air Help Soothe Your Noisy HVAC System

    At Energy Air, we are committed to serving the HVAC needs of our customers in the central Florida area. Contact our expert team today to get your consultation and start experiencing peace in your home.
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