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    Have you ever suffered through a long night without air conditioning? What about an event that was far too hot? Or maybe you wished you had a little extra cooling power during a heat wave? When life gets too hot, you don’t have to grin and bear while beads of sweat forms on your forehead. What’s the solution? Portable cooling.

    Portable cooling utilizes quality, cost-effective portable comfort. Whether you need cooling, heating, temperature, dehumidification or all of the above, portable cooling can help.

    Portable Cooling Provides More Than Cooling

    Portable cooling units aren’t just limited to cooling alone. While the rental units can provide cooling, they can also provide the following:

    Heating: If your air conditioning system malfunctions in the dead of winter, portable heating units are a convenient option to warm your residential or commercial space. No one wants to be left shivering in his or her own home, and if the heating goes out in your business, productivity can plummet.

    Temperature Control: Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve a comfortable temperature in all areas of a home or building. Take for example a large office with outdated ductwork. Perhaps the vents are in the main room of the office, which as a result is freezing cold. Meanwhile, the smaller office in the back is hot and stuffy. Portable cooling units help to create a controlled temperature throughout until you can find a permanent solution.

    Dehumidification: If the humidity levels are too high, it can make the space feel much warmer than it actually is. Removing excess moisture will help make your space more comfortable.

    When Is Portable Cooling Used?

    Portable cooling is a great solution whenever you need cooling, heating, temperature control or dehumidifying power now. Because the portable comfort systems can be installed virtually anywhere, they are a great options for lots of different scenarios.

    – Computer and Server Rooms

    – Hospitals

    – Backup and Emergency Cooling

    – Industrial Processes

    – Disaster Recovery Plans

    – Supplemental Cooling

    – Tents and Special Events

    – Classrooms

    – Heat-Sensitive Equipment Rooms

    – Military

    – Agriculture

    – TV/Film Production

    Portable Air Conditioning, Heating and Dehumidifying Rental Solutions from Energy Air

    If you’re in need of portable cooling, heating or dehumidifying now, Energy Air can help. Our Comfort-On-The-Run portable air conditioning and heating unit rentals provide quality, cost-effective comfort to any space. Still have questions? Give us a call today or schedule a service appointment online.

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