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    HVAC products can be hard to make sense of. Although residents of Central Florida tend to be more concerned with cooling than heating, a heat pump allows you to cover your needs for both ends of the weather spectrum. The Toshiba Carrier Ductless Highwall Heat Pump may be an excellent solution for your residence or light commercial facility, providing you with efficient comfort management. The ductless design makes it possible to install this system quickly and efficiently, and you can bypass many of the financial and environmental pitfalls of duct-based heating and cooling.

    Efficient System Operation

    This Toshiba Carrier system is rated with 11.5 HSPF and 19.5 SEER, outstanding efficiency levels. While many central systems include comparable efficiency levels, your installation of a ductless system allows you to reduce the energy loss of between 20 and 40 percent normally associated with ductwork. You have the option of installing a wired wall control, but you can also manage the operation of your heat pump with a remote control, making it possible to program your system or make quick adjustments as needed. This allows you to optimize your system’s programming for ideal energy management.

    Simple Installation

    The air handler of this highwall heat pump system minimally affects your indoor decor. A technician needs to create a small opening in a wall to run up to 165 feet of line between the indoor air handler and the outside heat pump. An ample amount of line makes it possible to position both system components for a minimum visual impact inside and out. This equipment can typically be installed and ready to run in less than one day.

    Enhanced Indoor Environment

    In addition to low visibility, the Toshiba Carrier ductless system operates with sound levels of as low as 38 decibels when the lowest fan setting is used. This is comparable to the sound of a computer and is significantly quieter than the sound of a central air conditioner or refrigerator. Meanwhile, you can maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels in your structure.

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