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  • Leap Year 2016: What It Means For Your AC System


    Although the calendar year is typically 365 days, the actual trip that the earth takes around the sun exceeds this time frame by nearly six hours in a year. While this might seem minor, the loss of time on the calendar could add up to nearly a month over the course of a century. Fortunately, leap year was designed to keep the calendar and the seasons consistent. An extra day in the year can be beneficial for many interests and activities, including the management of your HVAC system.

    More Spring Cleaning Time

    Although spring does not begin until March 20, Florida weather can feel like spring much sooner. An extra day at the end of February gives you enough additional time to be sure that your HVAC maintenance is included on your spring cleaning checklist. If you’ve never had system maintenance performed, you could achieve major energy savings on your summer utility bills by scheduling this crucial service. An HVAC system can lose a great deal of efficiency through normal operation, but maintenance service counters these issues through cleaning and adjustments.

    An Extra Day to Take Advantage of 2016 Energy Tax Credits

    If you are thinking about installing HVAC equipment with a higher efficiency level, 2016 is a great year to do so. A federal tax credit has been renewed through the end of the year, providing the opportunity to save up to $500 on eligible energy-efficient equipment. Leap Day provides you with an extra day to identify the best system for your home and to arrange for its installation. It must be installed by December 31.

    A Great Time to Transition to a Smart Thermostat

    If your thermostat’s technology dates to the 1970s, 2016 is the time to leap forward in managing your home’s comfort settings. Install a smart thermostat that uses your home’s wireless network to access local weather reports. You can connect to your wireless thermostat from your smartphone or tablet. Incorporate settings as recommended by ENERGY STAR to save energy and maintain optimum comfort levels, and take advantage of community statistics and recommendations that are available with smart thermostat models such as Carrier’s Cor system.

    Contact Energy Air for Expert Assistance During Leap Year 2016 and Beyond

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