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  • Monday-“Mourning” QB: A few AC commercials could’ve helped the Super Bowl


    Was the “Big” NFL game a letdown for you?

    With highlights consisting of a first-possession interception and a historically long punt, you could easily categorize the game as boring. The ratings echoed that sentiment with the lowest audience since 2009 (Patriots fans will most certainly disagree).

    As if the lowest score in Super Bowl history wasn’t thrilling enough, the commercials and half-time entertainment were arguably of equal mediocrity. Those looking forward to some entertaining breaks between the not-so-active action of the game were left looking for the channel changer.

    Yes of course, there were some delightful moments with Peyton Manning, John Malkovich, and Barry Sanders. The biggest laugh may have come from the surprise cameo of the Game of Thrones dragon torching the Bud Light Knight.

    We’d on the other would have liked the dragon to torch most of the commercials and replace with something else.

    Here’s a few of the types of air conditioning spots that could have stood up better to the heat.

    How about a cute dog in the heat?

    (No, not “in heat”)

    Or maybe some uncomfortable dads?

    (Dads do love to make us uncomfortable)


    Or silly accents done the cool way?

    (Over-the-top sometimes goes over well)


    Or tugging at the heart strings?

    (Sorry but grab your tissues, folks.)

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