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    After two years in the making, the field house and clock tower project at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, Fla. is coming to a close for the Energy Air team. While construction took only seven months, the project lasted for nearly two years due to budget constraints. The Energy Air team went through a major value engineering process, which shaved more than $220,000 off the cost of the mechanical scope of work and enabled the project to move forward.

    The two-story field house includes a new football team locker room, a gymnasium with three full-length courts for basketball and volleyball, athletic offices, large boys and girls varsity locker rooms, a fitness room, a dance studio, a classroom and an alumni room.

    Energy Air completed the HVAC scope of work for the facility including the installation of rooftop air conditioning units, split systems, VAVs, low pressure duct and return air duct.

    Some of the design changes implemented that were proposed by Energy Air are listed below.

    • Change RTU-1 from Trane Intellipak to a 40 ton-Voyager RTU
    • Change RTU-2 and RTU-3 from Trane Intellipaks to 35-ton Morganizers
    • Delete ERVs associated with RTU-2 and RTU-3 serving the Gym
    • Change RTU-7 to 15-ton Morganizer with bolt-on ERV
    • Change all low-pressure supply and return sheet metal ductwork to 1.5” antimicrobial fiberglass ductwork
    • Provide fabric ductwork for gymnasium supply ductwork
    • Reduce controls

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