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    Don’t Worry, Your House Isn’t Burning Down!

    Eeewww-Eeewww that smell. Can’t you smell that smell…??

    Oh what a classic, but I am dating myself. It just so happens it’s the time of year when we decide to see if our heat works. Our service technicians have been performing regular Preventive Maintenance for our residential customers, making sure their systems are up and running and ready for these colder months ahead. However, a small percentage of incoming customer calls state there’s a burning smell in their house. We tell them this is normal if this is the first time they have turned their heat or electric heater on this year. Odds are, there is nothing wrong with their heating system, but for peace of mind, we can come out and verify by doing a diagnostic of your AC/heating system.

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    Heat Pump Smells Like Burning

    What normally causes this is, for lack of better terms, dust. No matter how clean you think you keep your house and how often you change your filter, dust still finds a way to settle on your electric heat strip. And that is the smell you are smelling. Even if you pull out the old plug-in, portable electric heater, the same smell will emit. The electric elements are cooking the dust off of them. Eventually, with the continued use of your heat strip, you won’t have any smell at all.

    Speaking of heat, most heat pump systems we install include a heat strip with the air handler. This isn’t an add-on; it is supplemental heat for your continued comfort. Most thermostats have a spot on them that says EMHT or AUX heat. The auxiliary heat strip comes on for a few reasons, but for the most part, it is when the condenser unit cannot supply the necessary heat being asked for. This might be when the unit first starts up or when it goes into defrost mode (on heat pump systems only). In the heating cycle, the ‘roles’ of your units swap, so the outside unit sweats while the inside generates the heat for your comfort. But with the outside unit sweating and the temperature being cold, sometimes the unit will frost up. This is normal, and the system compensates for this by going into “defrost mode.” At this time, the unit basically stops providing heat, thaws out and the heat strip will kick in to continue giving you warm comfort. When the unit is “thawed,” it goes back into its normal operation.

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    By: James Tomko

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