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    The Energy Air commercial HVAC team is continuing its work on Phase II at the CKS Packaging Plant in Orlando. The team started construction on the second phase just short of a year ago in November 2010. Since then, we have completed approximately $900,000 worth of work with five full-time employees working between 40 and 70 hours each week.

    We recently transported two 500-ton and one 85-ton cooling towers and the platform from an existing space to the CKS facility. We erected the platform and set the cooling towers. Condenser water piping is currently being installed and placed on fabricated pipe stands to be tied in to serve the new production space, which houses nine plastic ejection molders.

    All rails and decking of the platform were moved from the existing location on a tractor trailer and installed at the new location within a two-week timeframe.

    The 85-ton chiller included the installation of three new water pumps that serve the air handling units for the existing building.

    We have an elite team at this project, run by foreman Darryl Patterson, which is able to meet demanding project challenges on a daily basis. In addition to the current construction, the team is constantly faced with making any immediate repairs to the existing plant if something fails.

    To date, we’ve relocated a battery charging station that is used for charging forklifts. We installed all of the chemical treatment, replaced the compressor of an existing 35-ton chiller, and refurbished a 200 HP high-pressure air compressor for use in a Dallas plant.

    The new plant in Orlando is expected to be brought online in February 2012 pending equipment layout design from the engineer to accommodate the need for high production efficiencies.

    Energy Air received an Excellence in Construction Award of Merit for Phase I of CKS. To learn more about the 24/7 project schedule and unique project challenges, click here.

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