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    New classroom targeting LEED Platinum certification provides space for environmental education

    We’ve been installing HVAC systems since 1976 and have been given the opportunity to experience quite a few unique projects. But of all the crazy things we’ve done, sending our crew on a boat in wet suits to install a heat exchanger underwater hasn’t made the list. This is precisely what we did though when we took on the renovation of The Sanctuary, a new classroom building at Wekiva Island that is targeting LEED Platinum certification. The scope included installation and piping of a 15’ x 2’ heat exchanger under a structure overlooking the Wekiva River submerged in 72 degree river water.

    Energy Air, Inc. was contacted by Wekiva Island owner, Bill Weinaug, because of our experience completing the mechanical scope of work on a variety of LEED projects. Bill, a local engineer, has worked with us on many projects in the past and found our experience perfect for what he needed on this project. Suited up and armed with snorkels, our team went to work. Above water, we installed, among other things, a new geothermal water source heat pump and a mini split. Thankfully, the job was finished without any encounters with snakes and/or alligators and the new building, which will be made available free of charge to non-profit environmental groups for classes and meetings, will be open by the end of January.

     Weinaug and his wife, Mary, have a vision for Wekiva Island. In its simplest form, their plan calls for a focus on three elements to shape the fabric of the Island; Sustainability, Learning and the Arts. The Sanctuary is one element of this vision coming to life that was designed to be a unique place of learning. “It will be a place the community can come and learn to respect nature and find ways to reduce their impact on the planet,” according to Bill.

    To learn more about Wekiva Island, visit

    https://wekivaisland.com, or call (407) 862-1500.

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