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    We’ve seen it all too many times. An owner spends millions of dollars on a new building but doesn’t see the value in setting up a maintenance plan on the equipment once the building is handed over. Why would he or she spend the money on a maintenance plan when all of the equipment is under warranty?

    As construction professionals, it is crucial to educate your owners about the importance of maintaining their equipment.

    Do they know that most warranties don’t cover failures to the system caused by lack of maintenance? Problems caused by dirty filters, dirty drains and drain pans, loose belts, dirty coils, etc. are not covered under the equipment’s warranty. These maintenance items are the owner’s responsibility and can result in expensive repairs if not done regularly.

    We know how much upfront work is done to land a job. Add to that the preplanning, scheduling, staging, implementation and execution, and you and your team have invested a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears to ensure a satisfied customer. You want your owner to love the final product beyond move-in. And while punch-out and close-out occur prior to move-in, six months later, you’ll still get calls if something is not operating correctly. If an owner invests in something new, no matter how large or small, they expect that equipment to last. This is why it is so important to help them understand what they are personally responsible for. While many owners will say they understand the maintenance requirements of their equipment, once they take over the building, certain tasks begin to slip. We run into this every single day.

    Encourage your owners to secure a maintenance agreement up front. Aside from helping to reduce the need for repairs and extending the overall life of the equipment, there are many benefits of planned maintenance. Keeping the HVAC equipment maintained will help your owner reduce overall operating costs – something every owner is hoping to do these days. Regular maintenance can also help improve indoor air quality. The comfort level of an owner’s tenants is extremely important. Something as simple as regular filter changes during allergy season can help improve productivity and worker satisfaction. Securing a maintenance agreement can also oftentimes help owners save money in the event a repair or service is needed. Like Energy Air, most companies will offer a parts and labor discount for their planned maintenance customers. At Energy Air, we even offer priority scheduling and no overtime rates for emergency service calls as additional perks.

    General contractors are in a unique position to act as a valuable resource by educating the owner about the best way to properly manage their investment. With so much going on at the close of a new building, it can oftentimes be overwhelming. But small steps taken now can have a huge impact on the condition of the equipment for years to come. Encourage your owners to secure a maintenance agreement upfront to ensure they are protecting their investment the best way possible.

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