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    After an intense two years, our team is wrapping up construction of the HVAC scope of work for what is referred to as a “$400 million reimagining of an American icon” – the Grandstand Replacement at Daytona International Speedway.

    Daytona Rising

    Dubbed “Daytona Rising,” the completed project boasts five expanded and redesigned entrances, or “injectors,” that lead fans to a series of escalators and elevators to three different concourse levels along the nearly mile-long front stretch, each with “neighborhood” social areas along the way.

    Energy Air was contracted with Barton Malow in July 2013. The mechanical system installed includes one of the largest VRF, or variable refrigerant flow, systems in the country. This technology makes it possible to give different areas heating or cooling control. Rooms with unused climate controls can be switched off entirely, resulting in exceptional comfort and efficiency.

    In the two-plus years working on the project, Energy Air utilized 88,715 man-hours of labor. Safety was paramount, and 5 percent of those man-hours were expended on safety orientations, safety meetings, task safety analysis and documentation, plus a full-time safety manager who was brought on board once we reached 40 workers on site.

    Many innovative methods were used for this project, which included two years of intensive BIM coordination. Each of the concourse levels has numerous individual “buildings” that were designed and constructed to withstand hurricane-rated winds.  Most of the walls for these buildings were built offsite, and as such, any penetrations were coordinated through the use of the BIM process to facilitate installation in the field. This project also won a global BIM award for the best sport and recreation project in 2015 for the use of BIM to “innovatively plan and manage layout, project logistics and supply chain management.”

    After the July 2015 races, Energy Air’s manpower peaked at 60 people working two shifts to stay on schedule. Upon final inspection on January 6, 2016, we had installed more than 900 pieces of equipment, 1.5 miles of chilled water piping and 3.5 miles of VRF copper refrigerant suction and liquid piping.

    The three concourses with mile-long front stretches posed many logistical challenges throughout construction. With all subcontractors responsible for their own hoisting (no buck hoist or elevators, just the stairs), it was not unusual to have as many as twenty cranes on site at any given time.

    Numerous changes throughout the course of the project further increased its complexity. Energy Air mobilized and demobilized numerous times due to race activities, and in some cases personnel was on standby 24 hours a day during racing events.

    NASCAR’s most famous speedway now greets fans with 101,500 permanent, wider and more comfortable seats, twice as many restrooms, three times as many concession stands and more than 60 luxury suites with track side views.

    See below for a list of all mechanical equipment installed:

    • Two 300 ton air cooled York chillers connected to 1.5 miles of chilled water piping
    • Two 75 ton Trane chilled water dedicated outside air units
    • One 126 ton Trane CHW air handler for main commissary
    • Three Aaon packaged make up air units totaling 44 tons
    • Two Aaon chilled water make up air units @12 tons each
    • Ten Trane chilled water air handlers sized 8 to 13 tons
    • Fifteen Trane packaged roof top units sized 2 to 28 tons
    • Forty five Trane VAV boxes
    • Eighty Trane chilled water fan coil units
    • Sixty four Mitsubishi split A/C systems
    • Six Trane split A/C systems
    • Two 7 ton Schneider Uniflair split DX computer room A/C units
    • Ninety seven Trane (Ingersoll Rand) VRF fan coil units @ 6 or 8 tons each connected to 24 banks of Trane (Ingersoll Rand) VRF condenser via 3.5 MILES of copper refrigerant suction and liquid piping
    • Thirty seven Greenheck gravity ventilators
    • Eight electric unit heaters
    • Forty seven Gree PTAC units either 1 or 1.5 tons each
    • Twenty four Greenheck kitchen exhaust fans
    • Two hundred fifty three various Greenheck exhaust and supply fans
    • Thirty six electric duct heaters
    • One hundred sixteen Greenheck louvers in five different colors
    • Forty Captive Air kitchen exhaust hoods
    • Forty five Big Ass Fans, 8 to 16’ in diameter furnished by the Owner
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