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    We received a call recently from a long-time partner of ours, A.M. Weigle Construction, working with Embry Riddle University. They were planning a renovation of one of their student cafeterias and wanted to install a new grease hood for a Mongolian wok. Design and construction needed to be complete before the new term began a few months later. With only a floor plan and location for the grease hood, we evaluated the site and told them we would find a way to make it work. Our HVAC design-build team jumped on the challenge. Our project manager visited the site to determine the best size and location for the ductwork, and working with Wilson & Girgenti engineers, we were able to come up with a workable design for the desired grease hood location. All in all, we’re set to be complete on August 1, 11 days before students arrive back to school on August 12. When complete, our team will have installed the new Mongolian wok grease hood, plus a second hood for the rest of the serving kitchen and the addition of a 4-ton chilled-water spot cooling unit for the cooking area.

    In a perfect world, we would all take the clean, easy, low-risk, highly profitable jobs. But it takes a special team to be able to step up to the challenging jobs. “We need to install that piece of equipment WHERE, and you want it done WHEN?!” While not many companies try to attract this type of work, it seems to be a natural fit for us. And we’re always thankful for the opportunity. For one, it gives us content for this newsletter, but secondly, it helps us prove our team and build a level of comfort and trust with our clients and their owners. Our current job at Embry Riddle may not be a high-dollar project, but being able to fulfill the request to complete design and construction the way they wanted it and in a timeframe they wanted, is an achievement we hope will position us to become more of a permanent fixture on campus.

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