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  • Energy Air Receives Near-Perfect Financial Ranking Following Latest Industry Evaluation


    Energy Air recently received an Excellent ranking from Contractor Score, a company that conducts third-party financial audits for prequalification purposes, following an update of the company’s financial status. The scoring ranges from zero up to 2,500, with anything above 1,000 considered excellent. Energy Air’s ranking was 2,238.

    The Contractor Score emphasizes short-term liquidity and current financial position with strictly objective calculations. Various inputs driving the score that are independently verified by outside CPA firms, banks or the IRS, include the most recent audited or reviewed fiscal year financial statements, most recent fiscal quarter’s financial statements, outside lines of credit, corresponding backlog and work-in-process statement for both the fiscal year and quarter.

    Contractor Score is focused on the short-term probability of mitigating performance risk on a current project and is used by contractors to prequalify subcontractors for projects as well as for custom reporting and analysis by other firms in the industry.

    Energy Air’s score increased by nearly 200 points from last year’s score, which easily put the company “in the 90th percentile out of many thousands of contractors evaluated in the U.S. and Canada,” according to a representative with Contractor Score.

    “While it doesn’t come as a surprise to us, it is great news to hear and share,” said Charles Kulp, Energy Air president. “It not only helps prove our financial stability to our customers and potential customers but also to our employees and potential employees that may be thinking about starting their career with Energy Air.”

    Family-owned and -operated since 1976, Energy Air has become one of the largest HVAC contractors in central Florida performing new construction, service, replacement and maintenance for commercial and residential customers. The company’s current annual volume is more than $50 million.

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