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  • Energy Air Team Hits a Home Run with Accelerated Schedule of Downtown Tampa Building


    The Energy Air team is nearing completion of work at a downtown Tampa office building. What started as a six-week schedule was accelerated to two weeks due  to owner requirements. The scope includes the installation of two, new, 300-ton chillers and associated pumps to be tied into the existing system. Installation of the equipment required a new steel platform to be built on the roof.

    The Energy Air commercial team worked seven days a week and into the night to accommodate the owner. The logistics of working in a high-profile, downtown building required upfront coordination, including securing permits for road closures to lift the equipment 130-feet high onto the roof with a crane. The scope also required our team to install hot taps to tie into the existing chilled water lines. Our team started work on Saturday, February 18, and working on the weekends, was able to set both of the chillers by noon on the following Saturday. Start-up for the first chiller was complete on midnight Monday, and by midnight Tuesday, the second chiller was running. Great job to the Energy Air team for excellent coordination and a smooth execution of this project. In addition to the original scope, we recently received a request from the project’s general contractor, J.H. Sultenfuss Inc., to provide new, 16” welded steel piping to relocate the exhaust for three of the existing generators on the roof, as required for the chillers.

    “This was a great job done by all involved. Energy Air’s team was the finest I’ve witnessed in quite some time.” Richard Sultenfuss, J.H. Sultenfuss, Inc.

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