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    What do you get when you have 12 rooftop units, six Energy Air field employees, 18 minutes and a helicopter? A pretty amazing day on the job.

    The Energy Air team working at 718 Whittaker Road in Jacksonville, Fla., enjoyed a little extra excitement on June 30, 2011. Rather than the typical crane being used to set the roof-top air conditioning units at the top of the 100,000 square feet warehouse building, Energy Air hired Midwest Helicopter to “fly” the equipment to the roof.

    Using a helicopter made more sense for this particular project due to the logistical challenges of getting a crane in the limited space available, according to Eric Robinson, project manager for Energy Air.

    At 11:30 am, the team was waiting outside for the helicopter to arrive, and when the noise softened and the wind settled, they began rigging the units. A safety meeting was also conducted prior to lift-off.

    A total of ten, 15-ton and two, 7.5-ton Trane roof-top units, each weighing over 2,000 pounds, were lifted into place. The Energy Air team worked together to precisely place all 12 units on their respective curbs in only 18 minutes.

    Once the tenants move in, the aerospace manufacturing warehouse will be used to assemble parts for helicopters. Great job to everyone involved for accomplishing this task!

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