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  • New Health and Wellness Initiatives Force Shift From Nobody Works Harder to Nobody Works Out Harder for Some of the Energy Air Team


    It seems that some of the Energy Air team are taking the slogan “Nobody Works Harder” to a whole new level after the first “Fit Camp Fitness Challenge” wrapped up recently.

    The “Fitness for Health Challenge” was held throughout the month of April during which time twice-weekly, hour-long cardio and strength-training classes, led by a certified personal trainer, provided an opportunity for the Energy Air team to “get fit.” The program was designed to welcome employees at all fitness levels, from beginners to the hard-core fitness fanatics with classes held at the end of the work day at the Energy Air corporate office in Orlando, Fla. During the program, the group also had discussions that focused on healthy eating habits and proper diet.

    The Fit Camp Fitness Challenge was organized by in-house fitness fanatic and Energy Air HR Director, Marti Zika, after Energy Air’s annual open enrollment insurance period. “We realized the emphasis in healthcare now is to encourage employees to be more aware of their health and for them to be educated in living a fit and healthy lifestyle, so we wanted to design a program that would make it easy for people to get fit and hopefully adopt new habits,” said Zika.

    Although the official, company-sponsored program, which included free fitness classes and lots of prizes and incentives, ended in April, the training sessions have continued because of so much interest among the participants. Overall, feedback was very positive and many employees have already made changes in their lifestyles just from this short period of time, according to Zika.

    “Energy Air has an in-house school and a myriad of free training and certification programs on top of competitive pay and benefits, so we feel great about the company we work for and all the opportunities we have to influence people’s lives,” said Zika. “The ability to have an impact on their health and wellness now as well is just icing on the cake to me – or maybe icing on the protein bar!”

    Moving forward, the Fit Camp classes will continue as long as there is interest and participation, and company-sponsored Fitness Challenges are planned for each quarter.

    Stay tuned for more Fit Camp updates as the program continues to grow!

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