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    Have you ever had a standing ovation for a job well done on a construction site?

    Energy Air Field Operations Manager, Doug Chapin and his men got just that, along with some high-fives and a whole lot of praise from our general contractor at an Orlando project where we are completing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning scope of work.

    Doug and his crew safely completed the demolition of nine large roof-top units and 15 exhaust fans, plus they protected the holes that were left. ALL IN ONE DAY! They received a standing ovation for a job well done from Hardin Construction.

    We work in an industry that seldom dishes out any praise at all, so for a normal company, this would be enough. It gets even better though. The planning of this project by our team involved communicating to our fabrication staff how to fabricate the ductwork and then erecting it in sections on site. Doug and his crew received high-fives and compliments when they were able to hang 350 feet of lineal duct all in one day.

    So let me jump on the band wagon and say “THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR CUSTOMER AND JOB WELL DONE!”

    By: John Bartkovich, Senior Vice President of Energy Air, Inc.

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