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  • Value Engineering Saves More than $100k at the Alfond Inn at Rollins

    Energy Air’s preconstruction team’s value engineering efforts saved the owner of this new hotel more than $100,000 in mechanical system costs.

    The Energy Air team started construction at the new Alfond Inn at Rollins College and is busy installing pipe sleeves and laying out duct openings in the floor slabs as things progress.

    Energy Air was contracted to complete the HVAC scope of work for the new 112-room hotel, and after heavy coordination between the engineers and our design-build team, we were able to implement changes that saved the owner more than $100,000 with regards to the HVAC system.

    The 107,400-square-foot hotel includes a chilled water mechanical system with 310 tons of cooling and will be built according to USGBC LEED Certified design standards.

    Most of the significant design changes related to the roof-mounted piping and ductwork.

    So how did we save the owner more than $100,000?

    We reduced the roof-mounted ductwork material, insulation and labor by serving each half of the building with its own energy recovery unit instead of routing the ductwork mains around the perimeter of the roof.

    We reduced the chilled water piping material, insulation and labor by incorporating integral pumps with the chillers and rerouting piping in order to feed multiple risers from each set of branch pipes.

    We reduced the equipment costs by offering alternative mechanical equipment without changing the engineer’s criteria of design.

    We reduced ductwork and linear slot diffusers in the common areas by using larger slot diffusers and increasing the amount of air to each diffuser.

    Energy Air’s design-build team works with owners, engineers and contractors on a variety of commercial projects. Our VE options have saved owners millions of dollars in the past few years alone. As commercial construction slowed significantly in recent years, it became extremely important to provide cost-saving solutions at every level. Our team of mechanical designers helps find solutions at each phase of the design process; from merely an idea jotted down on a napkin to schematic designs, all the way through to construction documents, our team is poised to add real value to each and every project.

    Need a design-build HVAC contractor for an upcoming project? Give us a call at (407) 886-3729.

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