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    Everyone is looking for ways to trim back and save money. Electricity is a necessity we can’t live without, but we can help to control our usage. In fact, in the United States, we are the seventh largest per capita consumer of residential energy, and on average, 45 percent of energy usage is on heating and cooling.

    Your central air conditioner is the most expensive home appliance, the most used and probably the most neglected. The only time we really give it any attention is when it’s not working. And believe it or not, those pesky filters are invaluable to your system’s energy consumption. Filters need to be checked regularly, especially in the hotter months. Filters should be checked every three weeks and changed as needed. This is not a trade secret and should be expressed to your family, friends, relatives and neighbors. Every day, our residential AC service technicians find a plugged or dirty filter that is causing air flow issues in a customer’s home. We stock a variety of air conditioning filters at Energy Air and have access to get any and all types.

    by James Tomko, Residential Customer Service Representative

    Our residential department offers a variety of preventive maintenance plans for your home HVAC, so let our trained and certified technicians help you increase the efficiency of your equipment and save you money! Contact us today!

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