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    Happy Presidents’ Day! Did you know that the White House is 55,000 square feet? On top of that, the famous structure has…

    – 132 rooms
    – 35 bathrooms
    – 6 levels
    – 412 doors
    – 147 windows
    – 28 fireplaces
    – 8 staircases
    – 3 elevators

    …That’s a lot of space to heat and cool. In honor of Presidents’ Day, we’re taking a look at one aspect of the White House you don’t of think of — HVAC.

    Early History of AC In the White House

    With 28 fireplaces, the White House was able to provide warmth during the winter months with relative ease. The summer, however, was a different story. In fact, the government typically minimized its operations during the summer months in the White House’s early years because of heat and humidity, which made conditions unbearable. This changed when a serious electrical fire occurred in 1929 during Herbert Hoover’s term. This was the ideal opportunity to incorporate air conditioning in the Executive Mansion the following year. Two years later, the remaining bedrooms were retrofitted with AC.

    Comfort Management on a Presidential Scale

    Although residents of the Tampa Bay area don’t deal with the same low winter temperatures familiar to those who occupy the White House, the summer months involve similar challenges for both regions with humid conditions during the hottest temperatures. In both parts of the country, preventive AC maintenance can be an important measure for ensuring that the summer is cool and comfortable during indoor activities. Preventive care is also wise for keeping energy usage down and saving money on utility bills.

    Humidity Issues and Reliable AC

    An optimized air conditioning system is crucial for maximum control of indoor humidity. In addition to having regular maintenance completed, it is important to consider updating an aging system to ensure that equipment performs at the level desired. More modern air conditioning equipment can reduce humidity without causing arctic conditions inside your home. Discuss variable-speed air conditioning with your HVAC contractor for recommendations.

    Federal Benefits for Updated HVAC

    President’s Day may not be the time that you would normally start to consider your federal income taxes, but you might appreciate that Washington legislation in December 2015 allowed for an energy tax credit to be reinstated through the end of 2016. You have until the end of the year to install eligible HVAC equipment in your home if you want to tap into this benefit.

    President’s Day Expertise And Much More

    Energy Air is proud to serve the HVAC needs of residents of Central Florida on Presidents’ Day and every day. Contact our office to learn more about our services.

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