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    Why have the same old New Year’s Eve when you can travel to these exciting locations to kick off the new year in style. Here are five thrilling locations to spend New Year’s Eve 2015 and bring on 2016!

    1. Las Vegas, Nevada

    On New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas closes the four-mile-long strip and opens it to over 300,000 visitors to drink, party and socialize while watching an array of fireworks being launched from the rooftops. Also, various casinos have their own entertainment and festivities.

    2. London, England

    More than 250,000 people watch Big Ben strike the midnight hour on New Year’s Eve in London each year followed by a light show and fireworks display. A three-hour long parade takes place the following day with beautiful floats, the Queen’s horses, and costumed dancers.

    3. South Lake Tahoe, California

    You will be dancing and partying all night long at this New Year’s Eve location. The Snow Globe Music Festival at South Lake Tahoe is a top choice to see talented EDM artists as well as hitting the slopes all New Year’s Day with lift tickets given to the attendees.

    4. Miami, Florida

    In Miami, the “Big Orange” is the cousin to the shiny globe in New York City. Miami hosts a grand fireworks show and hosts family friendly music and activities at Bayfront Park.

    5. Hawaii

    In Hawaii, all the beaches across the state will be lit up with fireworks being reflected over the water for New Year’s Eve. Live music and entertainment can be enjoyed at many of the clubs and venues along the beaches as well as various contests and themed nights.

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