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  • What Should I Set My Thermostat at During Summer in Florida?


    Yes, we know. Summers in Florida can be brutal. Sometimes, it can even feel like our Sunshine State is actually right on the sun. And the humidity levels don’t do anything to make that season more endearing.

    That said, we have it so much better than the majority of states in our country, wearing shorts and flip-flops to go to the beach or a farmer’s market in the “Spring”.

    So rejoice, Floridians! In the grand scheme of things, we have it pretty good!

    In the spirit of ensuring everyone enjoys their summer, let’s talk about how you can have a perfect temperature inside your home during the hotter months of the year.

    1. Close Your Shades

    We’re not suggesting you turn your home into Dracula’s dream abode, but a simple way to prevent your home from feeling like a sauna is to close some of your curtains or blinds. It doesn’t have to be throughout the entire house. If there are rooms that are unoccupied during certain times of the day, keep them cooler by keeping sunlight out.

    2. Mind Where the Thermostat Is Installed

    If your thermostat is near a door or window (or anywhere where it receives direct sunlight), it’s going to get inaccurate readings of the temperature in your home. Same happens if it’s placed on an exterior wall or in your kitchen.

    If yours is already in one of such places, move it to an interior room near where you spend most of your time.

    3. Set Your Thermostat to a Higher Temperature When Not Home

    This one has more to do with energy efficiency and keeping your energy bills down. If changing the temperature every time you leave or arrive is too much of a hassle, you can install a programmable thermostat.

    4. Set Your Thermostat to 78 Degrees

    Finally, here’s the answer to your question. 78 degrees is the temperature recommended by the Department of Energy. The Florida Public Service Commission also states that 78 degrees is the recommended thermostat setting in Florida.

    However, as stated above, setting it to a higher temperature when you’re not at home will still keep your living spaces at comfortable temperatures, while saving you money.

    Also remember that 78 degrees is a recommendation. If your family’s going to be complaining all day, it may be worth it to lower it a degree or two. Just make sure to adjust when no one’s going to be home for long periods of time.

    5. Consider Getting an Energy Audit

    If, despite your best efforts, your home doesn’t seem to be cooling down as it should, consider doing an energy audit to see if there are any leaks that should be sealed, or if your home or business needs better insulation.

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