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    Living in Florida, we depend on our air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable. That’s why there are few things worse than finding your air conditioner blowing hot air when you need to cool down. If you’re experiencing this issue, here are three common reasons why your system is dispersing hot air.

    1. You Need to Replace Your Air Filters

    One of the most common ways people neglect their air conditioners is by not regularly changing the air filter. Many homeowners are surprised to find out that a dirty air filter can cause their system to become 5-15% more inefficient.

    You shed millions of skin cells and hundreds of hair follicles every day. Multiply that by every person in your household, and each pet you have.

    The air filter protects your HVAC equipment from this debris building up in the system. It also prevents this grime from being blown back into your house.

    An air filter works like a sponge. As you use a sponge to wash the dishes, the sponge will become full of water. Eventually, it will become too saturated to absorb any more water until you squeeze it out. Air filters becomes “saturated” with dirt as it does its job too, and when it’s full your air conditioner’s performance suffers.

    The easiest way to resolve warm air is to check for a full air filter. If your air filter is clean, you’ll still want to remove it and inspect the evaporator coils. Sometimes the evaporator coils get caked in grime, and this layer of dirt over them prevents the air from coming into contact with the refrigerant. This could be the cause of your AC blowing hot air.

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    2. There Is a Problem With Your Outdoor Condenser

    One of the most commonly overlooked parts of regular AC maintenance is taking care of the outside unit. Many homeowners don’t even know that the condenser can get dirty.

    Because the condenser is outside weeds can grow around it, and debris like leaves and twigs can gather at the base causing an airflow obstruction.

    The first step you can take is a preventative one. Be sure that you maintain the lawn in the immediate area of the condenser. You might find a weedwhacker useful in trimming back growth along the edges of the condenser.

    Even if there are no visible obstructions, you have to keep in mind that this machine is still sitting outside all day, so it’s still getting dirty. Especially if there are trees in the surrounding area, acorns and debris may fall from above and land on the inside of the condenser’s casing.

    If you haven’t cleaned out your condenser in over a year, this could be the cause of your AC blowing hot air.

    Luckily, it’s pretty easy to clean a condenser.

    You don’t need to call technicians to do it, and you don’t need any special equipment.

    Before you clean the condenser, be sure to power it off.

    You can usually find the screws holding the case closed on top of the unit. Unscrew them and take the casing off.

    Grab a hose, a bucket, and some dish soap. You can use a combination of dish soap and water as a cleaning agent, gently scrub the fins with a sponge or a soft brush covered in the soap solution.

    Rinse away leftover soap with the hose, put the casing back together, and turn your condenser on.

    You don’t need to wait for your outdoor unit to dry before using it, the machinery is waterproof and designed to function properly in the rain – so it’s safe to use immediately after cleaning.

    3. Your System Is Low on Refrigerant

    Refrigerant is a cooling agent found in air conditioning systems that is critical to keeping your home comfortable. Your refrigerant really doesn’t need to be changed out that often, so if you just had your AC charged and are now facing hot air you could have a refrigerant leak.

    Without refrigerant, your AC unit will take in air from the outside and pass it through to your home without cooling the air, so it’s blowing hot air. Even worse, if your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant, you are running up your utility bill for nothing.

    If you suspect this is the issue, contact your local HVAC professional to check the refrigerant levels.

    A professional HVAC technician will have the correct tools to measure the levels inside of your unit, and an EPA compliant method of disposing of used refrigerant.

    Fix AC Blowing Hot Air in Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida

    If your air conditioning system blowing hot air, contact Energy Air today. Our team of experienced technicians will be able to diagnose and assess the issue right away. You can avoid most problems by scheduling an annual inspection and tune-up, so if you have not had your air conditioning system serviced in more than a year, you should make an appointment to have a maintenance checkup by an Energy Air technician.

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